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“My Dream is this – to be able to promise clients that once they’ve dealt with us they won’t dream of dealing with anyone else.  This promise is supported on three legs;  one, we deal with clients on a personal level; two,  part of our philosophy is that our job is to help our clients with ideas to build them a better business rather than just do their tax returns; and three, we want to be fun to deal with”

Brett Flintoff - 2nd May 1994

That was the dream back in 1994.  One client, office in the back of a Jaguar, all of the paperwork for the business in one briefcase. 

Since then?  Thankfully the dream didn’t turn into a nightmare.  Doug Stanley, fresh from lecturing on farm management at SIT, came aboard early on to add some horsepower to our farming side.  Now the staff phone list has 16 names on it and we’ve added Jackie and Stephen as Associates.  Not forgetting Cheryl and Jo who play backstop for Brett and Doug.

Enough about us, what’s in it for you?

Plain, clear communication.  If we aren’t making sense to you then we aren’t doing our job. 

Costs? We like to keep our overheads lean, keep the systems tight, and focus on giving good service at decent prices.

Experience?  Plenty of that.  Whatever your issue chances are somebody here knows how to deal to it.

Call us or pop in anytime for a chat, the door is always open (well between Mon & Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm) – we are here to help!

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